Vose Farm Business Center Welcomes the Monadnock Gymnastics Center

Vose Farm Business Center is pleased to welcome the Monadnock Gymnastics Center to 9 Vose Farm Road. Ginger Mermer, the facility owner, will be hosting an Open House Saturday August 27 in anticipation of a September 1 opening. Please come [...]

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Tenant Profile: The Pros of Operating in our Region

It was quality of life Tod Von Mertens and his wife were seeking when they decided eight years ago to uproot their young family from Seattle and return to Von Mertens’ roots in the Peterborough area. Von Mertens was leaving behind [...]

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Tenant Profile: Startup Gets Advice at Tech Forum

Hyndsight Vision Systems, one of Peterborough’s most successful new startups, expected that the panel at the N.H. High Tech Council’s Entrepreneur Forum Wednesday would give them advice. What founder Melissa Thompson didn’t expect was that the best feedback would come [...]

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Tod Von Mertens Furniture Design Expands to Vose Farm Business Center

Creating furniture has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up in New Hampshire with access to my father’s well-equipped wood shop, and a strong Yankee “make it work” attitude. Attending the Tisch [...]

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